Account Executive


At 70Ventures, we back the most ambitious and promising B2B entrepreneurs. We empower them to build and scale in-house specialized sales teams that fuel a predictable revenue engine!

As an inside sales executive, you’ll be in charge of the most challenging yet exciting part of the sales process. You will constantly e-meet with prospects to listen to their needs and discover their pain points. Every single demo of your solution will need to be tailored to the prospect’s expectations and needs in order to trigger actionable next steps.

Finally, you will need to excel at organizing your sales pipeline to constantly smash your quotas.


  • You love connecting with lots of diverse people and starting conversations

  • The idea of working in a startup and going to market from scratch excites you

  • You have experience in B2B sales with a proven track record of smashing your quotas


B2B Sales gets a lot of bad rap for all the wrong reasons.


Wanna find out what are the qualities that all the best salespeople have in common?

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